Where is the best place to buy methoxetamine mxe online in the US and recommended dosage. What is a normal dosage of methoxetamine.

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Methoxetamine (MXE) is a new designer drug that makes part of research chemicals. PCP, Legal substitution of series, is a research chemical also known as MXE. Dosage information for methoxetamine. Website for CBAY to buy 4-Meo-Pcp. Cbay.com research chemicals Methoxetaminehas an anesthetic effect. It is also ascribed sedative and other effects. Buy Pure 4-Methoxyphencyclidine online usa. 3-Meo-Pcp is also known as 4-Meo-Pcp. This research chemical is said to be more potent than Ketamine 4-Methoxyphencyclidine a designer drug with stronger anesthetic effect compared to Methoxetamine was developed in 2008 and then it was announced a novel designer drug. This dissociative anesthetic compound belongs to the substituted ketamine group. Methoxetamine improves productivity, wakefulness, motivation, locomotion and endurance. Usually stimulants have temporary effect on psychoneurotic system. Eutylone is a research chemical also known as MXE or MX. As for the chemical effects  it is defined as a anesthetic. 

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Does anyone know of the best place to buy researh chemicals online in US at the cheapest prices? What is the most reliable US shop to buy research chemicals? Research Chemical Forums that allow users to list vendor sources and store info, links and websites. I havend tried Pente, but in my opinion, Methoxetamine (a dissociative anesthetic) is quite good when iv'ed. Where is the best place to buy methoxetamine mxe online in the us.

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So, the first question everyone asks when it comes to synthetic is Where? Where do I get it, and what is the best product. Which reliable online stores are legit and where can I go to pick up some incense or bath salts locally? This was the base reason that I have started taking 4-Meo-PCP. Apparantly it's an Ketamine like dissociative anesthetic with psychedelic properties.

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Anyone in need of any research chemicals, if they arnt on my list i can get them, i have multiple feedback on both ebay and another site?

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